Book 1: Growing Up in the Climate Shift


It is the year 2030 and humanity is going underground…

Eighteen-year-old Laurel Campbell and her family are leaving behind the 120-degree temperatures of Arizona for her birthplace and grandparent’s farm in Rigby, Idaho, fleeing the fast-encroaching threats of climate change. Laurel, who has high-functioning Asperger’s, is intense and deeply invested in her beliefs and commitments, and she is determined to save her family and as many people and animals as possible. Through EarthShips, underground fortresses which she has designed to provide everything needed for life – from the earth, wind, rain, and sun – Laurel will fight like hell to save them all.

… as Earth becomes a ravaged planet.

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Hard Light
Hard Light

By Davin Jake Douma

The day the 16-year-old boy was arrested everything in his life was taken away, except his mind and body.

After 25 years, there was one coveted place in the prison yard, beneath the sole tree, and it became Arizona’s favorite place to sit. He had fought hard to hold onto to this shady spot over the years because he knew in his bones that he didn’t belong behind bars. He was more sensitive and felt more deeply than those around him. Like the tree, he was one of a kind.

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Author Bonnie Jane Hall


Welcome, readers!

I share ideas to raise conscious awareness and increase kindness for building a better world.

Recently, I focused my attention on climate change and addressed a possible future in my upcoming speculative, science-based fiction book series, Earthships. The first book, Earthships: Growing Up in the Climate Shift, tells the story of a young woman with Asperger Syndrome who is determined to save her family, and as many people and animals possible from the ravages of climate change. The second book is planned for release in early 2018.

I am also writing a true story, Reaching the Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance, which I plan to have completed and available soon. The story centers around my life and the extraordinary story of my son Davin (check out his book Hard Light). You can check out more articles and essays by Davin and myself at the Mothers for Prison Reform website.

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