Bonnie's Art

Reaching The Shore

“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.”

–  Harvey Fierstein

My name is Bonnie Jane Hall and my experience is as an artist, author and twenty years working as a self-employed interior designer.

As I walk through doctor’s offices, banks, malls and various businesses, either the walls are often devoid of art or I see mass produced dead art. These spaces and our homes could have vibrant and living hand-painted art and beautiful creations by the world’s talented artists. Living art is full of vibrations of colors and beauty that are physically and mentally healing.

“Buy a piece of art and you will buy a window to the transcendent. Beauty is a pathway to the Divine. Let’s make at least one room beautiful in our life. Please buy a damn piece of art once in a while.”

– Jordan Peterson


Samples of Bonnie’s Abstract Landscape Paintings