Earth's Blue Sky, Will the Children Remember?

Earth's Blue Sky, Will the Children Remember?

Earthships: Book 2

Ninety percent of the heat in the atmosphere is now in all the oceans, resulting in huge and powerful hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones.

Massive tornadoes rip through the gulf states and leave 64 inches of rain across the land. The highways cannot handle all the traffic. Many people lack the ability to escape. Thousands are dying.

This story begins with the wedding of Laurel, the protagonist and Sage Halley, a recently discharged marine who was stationed in Libya. He and Laurel met on a train traveling to Rigby, Idaho in Earthships Book 1 2030, where they saved the lives of all the people on the train.

Laurel’s extended family, including her parents and siblings, her husband’s family and a family of immigrants are living a 1950s-farming life-style with the advantage of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technology in a socialistic America.

Laurel’s father, Forester, is a former soldier and environmentalist who takes on the planet’s corporate enemies that endanger him and his family. Not only does the family have to deal with the burning of the rain forest, but also other enemies who create road blocks that they must overcome to survive. Airports are blown up, babies are born and life goes on. Laurel and her family grow food to save people and teach them how to be preppers.

We are fragile creatures living in a dangerous world where we must build our fortresses underground in the cool silent earth.

What People Are Saying ...

“Bonnie Jane Hall is a gifted writer who shows a strong compassion for future generations of humankind. In this novel, she explores where things may very well be headed. It’s scary, but there’s hope and optimism, too. Though the power of story, ‘ Earthships’ goes where no cli-fi novel has gone before–underground! I’m looking forward to the entire series.”

Dan Bloom, editor, “The Cli-Fi Report.”