Reaching The Shore

A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance

Reaching The Shore

This is the story of Davin J. Douma and his incredible journey.

When Davin was 16 years old, he was convicted of killing a man and sentenced to life in prison. While in the county jail awaiting trial, Davin’s appendix burst. He laid on a cold cell floor in severe pain for days unattended. Then, when it was almost too late, he was in a hospital where he was fed intravenously for five months.

Weighing only 90 pounds after being in the hospital, he was sent to a dangerous maximum security prison with adult prisoners. Only one out of a hundred juveniles with life sentences ever come out of this type of prison. Many die and others are never released in Oklahoma where Davin was imprisoned.  He used his intelligence and people skills to survive.

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Book 2: Earth's Blue Sky, Will Our Children Remember?

This story begins in 2036 with the wedding of protagonist Laurel, a young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome that causes her to have premonitions, and Sage Halley, a Marine returning from Libya who is studying to be an environmental engineer. Laurel and Sage met on a train traveling to Rigby, Idaho in Earthships Book 1, where they saved the lives of all the people on the train.

Laurel is an architect who has started a business building earthships which are underground fortresses that are off the grid and protect people and animals from the climate crisis. Sage and Laurel’s extended family live on an inherited farm at the edge of the town. They have taken advantage of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to protect their combined fortresses.

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Author Bonnie Jane Hall


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I share ideas to raise conscious awareness and increase kindness for building a better world.

Earthships: Earth’s Blue Sky, Will Our Children Remember? is the second book in the Earthships Series and is now available. It has been out of print and has been revised.

I have written a true story, Reaching the Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance, which is completed and available. The story centers around my life and the extraordinary story of my son Davin (check out his book Hard Light). You can check out more articles and essays by Davin and myself at the Mothers for Prison Reform website.

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