Cow In A Bun

Cow In A Bun

Cow In A Bun is a fictional story with illustrations for children that helps them understand the suffering animals experience because people kill and eat them. The story is told with emotion and insightful messages from the perspective of the animals.

Two children in the story search to uncover the mystery of disappearing animals on their uncle’s farm.

The book also teaches children about the importance of making wise choices and the consequences of making poor choices.

Vegetarian and vegan parents and grandparents have especially enjoyed sharing this book with their children and grandchildren.

What people are saying ...

“Cow in a Bun is a deep felt book that will help children gently awaken to the cruelty of killing animals for food from the subtle animal point of view. It is a powerful support for the sensitive vegan message in Conscious Parenting. Excellent work.”

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D, D.D, Author of Conscious Parenting, Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition 

“I greatly enjoyed reading Cow In A Bun. The illustrations are adorable, the characters’ emotive expressions and the soft line work and coloring helping to convey as gently as possible the story’s difficult subject matter.”

Wolf Gordon Clifton, Executive Director of Animal People Forum 

“A tough and profound story, and I could imagine that almost any child would become vegan after reading it. Yes, the message is strong.”

Dr. Doug Graham, Author of The 80/10/10

“Many children naturally and authentically care about animals.  Far too often, though, they learn to ‘outgrow’ their caring so they can make it in the ‘real’ world.  But what if their caring is real?  Shouldn’t we help them to express their compassion, rather than suppress it?  Cow in a Bun is for every child, of whatever age, who believes that love is real, and when we care about each other and animals, we become stronger.”  

John Robbins, Author and President of the Food Revolution Network