Hard Light

Hard Light

By Davin Jake Douma

The day the 16-year-old boy was arrested everything in his life was taken away, except his mind and body.

After 25 years, there was one coveted place in the prison yard, beneath the sole tree, and it became Arizona’s favorite place to sit. He had fought hard to hold onto to this shady spot over the years because he knew in his bones that he didn’t belong behind bars. He was more sensitive and felt more deeply than those around him. Like the tree, he was one of a kind.

Arizona is a good guy and loves to study people: “They are fascinating to watch and I constantly wondered about their motivations and strange impulses. When I study them, the crazies and the sane, the gangs and the independents, I’m trying to understand myself. Who am I and what the hell am I doing here?”

Looking up at the barren sky that forgave and forgot, Arizona wasn’t sure how he ended up here, on the ground with a huge cut across his belly like a giant red mouth. Memory could be such an awful thing.

About the Author

Davin Jake Douma dedicated himself to intense personal development and went through a positive transformation while serving a life sentence in prison. He became a skilled writer, martial artist, and speaker. Hard Light is one of the many books and novellas Davin wrote while behind bars. Hard Light is a suspense fiction book, but it presents a realistic picture of prison life through its compelling characters.

What people are saying ...

“Great first novel for the author and a real view into the prison life. The character Arizona Is not quite like the others he has to share his life with but he has made the best of his time, learned many lessons and tries to share that knowledge with others. A novel like this should be read by all. This is not an autobiograpy but I am sure many scenes come from actual prison life, only the names have changed. Danger, depression, hope, friendships, enemies and crazy card games punctuate this highly recommended novel.”

Deborah Morgan