Growing Up in the Climate Shift

Growing Up in the Climate Shift

Earthships: Book 1

It is the year 2030 and humanity is going underground…

Eighteen-year-old Laurel Campbell and her family are leaving behind the 120-degree temperatures of Arizona for her birthplace and grandparent’s farm in Rigby, Idaho, fleeing the fast-encroaching threats of climate change.

Laurel, who has high-functioning Asperger’s, is intense and deeply invested in her beliefs and commitments, and she is determined to save her family and as many people and animals as possible.

Through EarthShips, underground fortresses which she has designed to provide everything needed for life – from the earth, wind, rain, and sun – Laurel will fight like hell to save them all.

… as Earth becomes a ravaged planet.

What people are saying...

“Through the power of story, ‘Earthships’ goes where no cli-fi novel has gone before — underground! I’m looking forward to the entire series.”

– Dan Bloom, editor, “The Cli-Fi Report”

“I can feel your love for our Earth, animals, and Laurel’s grief at the state of the world as well. This is not just a story about Laurel and her family, but it’s a love letter to a planet she loves and wants to save through story.

“Wow! What an imaginative novel … the book is great! I was engaged with the character Laurel’s dystopian world, family, and conflicts. A great use of sensory details. And I loved that you explored themes such as family values, love of people, a respect for animals, and more. I think you have a special world and book and I’m so glad you let me read it.”

– Rebecca Maizel Yellow Bird Editor’s Critique