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“Son’s Terrifying Journey and Triumphant Outcome Described in New Book”

Austin, Texas January 16, 2018

Reaching the Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance is a true story by Davin Jake Douma and Bonnie Jane Hall.

Hall, Davin’s mother says, “When Davin was sixteen he was convicted of killing a man and he was sentenced to life in prison. Davin spent nine months in the Tulsa, Oklahoma county jail before being sent to a dangerous maximum security prison for adults.”

Hall remarks, “Davin’s appendix ruptured while in the county jail and he was left in agony lying on the concrete floor in his cell untreated and without food for four days. He was full of infection and had his appendix and nine inches of colon removed. He entered prison weighing ninety pounds and his survival was at stake. Only one out of about one hundred teenagers come out of a maximum security adult prison alive.”

“In Davin’s first years in prison,” Hall says, “He read Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. Then Davin understood that he could rise above his circumstances to find meaning and purpose for living. He began to apply Frankl’s philosophy and it was life-changing.”

“Then,” Hall says, “A martial arts and Tai Chi master enters Davin’s life as a spiritual advisor and the training begins. Years later Davin was a martial arts and Tai Chi master, a writer, had read over four thousand books and had gone through a major positive self-transformation. During these years Davin taught Tai Chi and it’s philosophy to inmates and staff. 

 Educator and writer Susan Wilkins comments,“Reaching the Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance is a story about a young man’s journey through prison life and his extraordinary heroism of using the constraints, horrors and obscenities of his surroundings to propel him into a quest of personal growth, self-discipline and personal enlightenment.”

Wilkins continues, “This book is also about the memoirs of a remarkable mother who attentively gave her devotion and attentiveness to that son. A true inspiration. The reader comes away realizing that no matter what cards fate has dealt us, ours is not to give up or give in, but to stalwartly without self-pity journey through, conquer and thus be transformed in the process.”

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